Hello and Welcome to Rum Owd Dew, the website all about Suffolk and its rich dialect.

At Rum Owd Dew, our main goal is to provide helpful information about Suffolk and its dialect which are easy to understand informative and humorous.

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • “What is this Suffolk person saying?”
  • “How do I translate Suffolk into English or English into Suffolk?”
  • “What are the origins of the Suffolk dailect”
  • “Tell me a funny story from Suffolk”
  • “I fancy a trip down Suffolk memory lane”

Or if you have any other questions about Suffolk… You’re in the ROIGHT place!

Why Rum Owd Dew (Our Story)

My name is Danny, and I’m the founder of Rum Owd Dew. There is very little information about the Suffolk dialect on the web, which led to the creation of this site.

I was born in East Anglia and grew up on the Suffolk / Norfolk Waveney border. My family heritage and history is steeped in Suffolk for as many generations as I can research back to.

This website aims to share my love of Suffolk and its colourful language.

Contact us

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Alternatively, you can tweet us @RumOwdDew

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and we hope you enjoy the content of this site!